Party shoes DIY: Glitz it up for under $20!

Revive a pair of old heels and make them party ready for about $20! Make any outfit sparkle with these glitzy shoes!

I started with a pair of old, black heels that are scuffed up and I never wear. Here is my list of supplies. If you have some of these supplies at home your project will be even cheaper!


Old shoes

Painter’s tape (if you want to section off different colors)

Glitter (I used 2 colors; black and gold)

Mod Podge

Small paint brush

Clear gloss spray sealant



Ribbon (optional for bow; I used black satin)

Lighter and super glue  (for bow option)

2012-12-15 09.28.01

Step 1: Tape off the outside of your shoes with painter’s tape if you are sectioning for two colors. Don’t forget to tape the inside so glitter doesn’t get stuck inside your shoes!

2012-12-11 18.45.34

Step 2: Dip a small paint brush in the mod podge and paint generously on the toe section first. Try not to hit the sole. Cover in glitter. Then repeat on the heel. If using a bow, make sure to leave a spot with no glue at the top of the heel. This is where the super-glued bow will go.

2012-12-11 19.06.27

Step 3: After you are finished with the first glitter color, funnel the leftovers back into the bottle.

2012-12-11 18.56.12

Step 4: Remove painter’s tape from the outside of shoe

Step 5: Brush mod podge onto the area where the second glitter color will be. I used black. (funnel black glitter back into jar when finished)

Step 6: Spray the entire shoe with sealant (preferably outside, the fumes are strong!) with 2 coats, then remove inside painter’s tape

Step 7: Cut ribbons to chosen size, tie in a bows

Step 8:  Slide the lighter flame next to the edge of the ribbon without touching it, to singe the ribbon so it won’t fray.

2012-12-15 09.31.19

Step 9: Super glue bow to the unglittered spot on the back of heels.

2012-12-11 19.08.14

Step 10: Put them on and add a cute outfit! You are ready to party!

2012-12-15 20.23.01

2012-12-15 10.12.52edit


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