Guys… This one’s for you!

I took a poll of fashionable women. I asked them what trends they are loving for men, right now. Guys, sit up and take note…the ladies have spoken! Here’s what turns their heads! (in no particular order)

1. Short, styled hair

My hairdresser, RuthAnn, confirms that men are asking for their cuts to be short on the sides, styled away from the face on top. We can all thank AMC’s series, Mad Men, for bringing back this clean cut 1960s business look. It’s been all over Hollywood since the series began and women agree….it’s a good look!

Ryan-Gosling 14_ryan_reynoldslarge_image-1
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2. Bow Ties

They’ve been all over the South for years. Looks like fashionable cities of influence like New York and L.A are finally starting to catch on. They’re not just for tuxes anymore! They go with vests, sport coats, button up shirts, even jeans. They have  plenty of personality with a huge array of colors and patterns to choose from.


b6daacfb778a452a5241bdc7cf37d6eb Charles_Cottier_large

3. Half zip, button sweaters and cardigans

The pullover is effortlessly cool. And who doesn’t want that? Throw it on over a collared button-up or even a t-shirt. You can’t go wrong!


The cardigan is slightly more complicated, but you have options. Layer over a comfy tee or with a button-up shirt and skinny tie. Not just for geeks and grandpas anymore!


4. Scruff

If George Clooney has taught us anything, it’s that facial hair is sexy! Be it five o’ clock shadows or even full beards!  A little uncomfortable to kiss, but handsome nonetheless.



5. Well Tailored Suits

Off the rack suits rarely look good. The crotch is too low, the legs might be too baggy and the jacket never tapers in right. Unless you enjoy looking like a child playing in your grandfather’s suit, invest in a suit that is tailored to fit your body! It just looks sharp! You may even get better job offers. (and the ladies love it!)





6. Wingtips

 A classic that will never go out of style and a great option to go with your newly tailored suit! They exude confidence even if you don’t. The boots are my favorite. They also look awesome with dark cuffed jeans or slacks. This trend is everywhere,  so get on board!



7. Cuffed Jeans

It will show off your wingtips nicely or go with many other shoe styles. A few rules apply here. Make sure the jean is dark and slim fit. Cuffing will shorten your leg line visually, so if you are wider in stature or very short legged, you might want to rethink this trend. Personally, I’m a fan of the one-cuff as opposed to more cuffs to shorten the jean. I do not care to see a guy’s hairy ankles and the women I know agree, but it seems to be a popular trend no matter what we think. :/

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8. Skinny Ties

They go hand in hand with the with a well tailored slim fit suit. Think outside the box here though. Wear with a vest and shirt, just a button-up shirt and dark wash jeans or shirt and leather jacket, even. Play around with this one. It’s another throwback to the Mad Men era of the fifties and early sixties and looks like you have a real job no matter your economical situation.

Justin-Timberlake1 ryan-reynolds_300x430 tumblr_lziiapmUsk1r38sfpo1_500

9. Rolled up sleeves


Yup, It’s that simple. Roll ’em up!


10. Vests

No jacket required. Whether it’s sophisticated or reminds us of a lumberjack, either way, we think vests are sexy! I prefer it with a 3/4 rolled up sleeve to keep it laid back.




So there you have it! From the mouths of women. Here are a few men’s fashion blogs that I’m a fan of for even further advice and ideas. Check them out!

 The Midwestyle-

Southern Homme-

TSB Men-

*And ladies (and my gay readers) you are welcome for the parade of some of Hollywood’s sexiest men all on one page!


2 thoughts on “Guys… This one’s for you!

  1. This is such an awesome!!! Such great tips. It’s always good to know what the ladies want to see us in! Ha!

    Thanks for the shout out,


    P.S. Lets keep in touch for projects in the future, Lets get 2013 kicked off the right way!!!

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