3 Quick Beauty Fixes to enhance what you have (or don’t have)

Ever wish you had higher cheek bones, thinner cheeks or bigger eyes? These are 3 of my favorite quick beauty tricks to quickly and easily enhance your facial features and natural beauty. It takes less than an extra 3 minutes and makes a huge difference! Take a look at my before and after and try to ignore the weird smile and that it looks like a mugshot! 🙂


Quick Fixes:

1. BROWS- Fill them in! I can’t say it enough! It draws the focus to your eyes and enhances them! This is for almost everyone…unless you have the perfect shade and shape, which most of us don’t. Look how just filling the brows in makes my eyes look bigger and brighter! I use Maybelline Define a Brow. Make short strokes to keep it natural looking. Draw slightly above or on the brow instead of below. Using a color that is similar to the darkest color in your hair usually looks the most natural. If you are super blonde with blonde eyebrows, they make a light blond and dark blonde that look great!

2. CONTOURS- I don’t have very high cheek bones, but I fake it using bronzer in a “C” curve shape. I take the brush starting right over the middle of the eyebrow and swoop down the temples and under the cheek bone. I also like to bronze the sides of my nose to draw attention to the bridge. I use Covergirl bronzer in Deep Bronze. If you have a wider nose, this is a great way to minimize it! To shorten a nose you can brush bronzer under the tip of the nose. Basically, apply bronzer to anything that you want to recede away visually to create a shadow. Use a color about 2 shades darker than your skin tone.

3. HIGHLIGHTS- The opposite is true for highlights. Apply it anywhere that you want to stand out! I use it on the bridge of my nose, middle of the forehead and along the top of the  cheekbones. Use any highlighter that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone like this one from Sephora. You can even use a light pinkish white eyeshadow that has a slight shimmer in it. You want a slight shimmer (not glitter) to reflect light. Keep it away from any fine lines or creases in the skin.

So here’s a visual of what I did:

2013-04-09contour 17.34.35

Red= Contouring bronzer

Purple= Highlighter

*I figured the eyebrows are somewhat self-explanatory.

Here’s another example of contouring when I was at a fashion event. I did a lot more contouring and highlighting for this night and it really makes my features pop! Be looking for a full contouring tutorial post coming soon!



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