Super soft skin with Rodan + Fields!

My friend Sarah Marie McLean is a Rodan & Fields Independent Consultant. She offered to send me a mini facial to review. How could I say no to that?! The mini facial includes a packet of the Microdermabrasion paste, Night renewing serum and Anti-age lip renewing serum. I had used the Microdermabrasion paste before and was super excited to try it again! However, the serums were new to me.

The mini facial starts with the Microdermabrasion Paste. This little packet of goodness is a scrub made from sugar and salt and has vitamins C and E. The directions say to use the whole packet, but honestly you can get about 3 uses out of this little packet. Believe me, you’ll want to be stingy with it! You just massage it in for 1-2 minutes, rinse and pat dry. At this point I usually cannot stop touching my face. It is so super soft already! Then I added the night renewing serum. Ok, I know you’re supposed to do it at night, but I did this whole process during the day because I just couldn’t wait! I am a big fan of serums, but usually they have an oily feel to them. This one was different. It had a silky, almost powdering finish. Again, I couldn’t stop touching my face! Soft as a baby’s butt! I actually put my makeup on right after and it went on really smoothly and evenly. I used the lip serum for 3 days. I’m a fan of anything glossy, shiny, moisturizing, etc. on my lips. I didn’t see any difference in that short amount of time, but I liked the serum. It really is like a little mini facial at home. I did it every other day for 3 days. My skin never got red or irritated, just soft, smooth results every time! I can’t wait until I get rid of some old beauty products.

If you are not familiar with this team of dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are the makers of Proactive skincare. They took it up a notch for R+F products. This is a much more sophisticated and personalized approach to skincare. You can read their story here. I am really impressed with a lot of the Rodan & Fields products and the results I’ve seen others get, but the R+F microdermabrasion paste is #1 on my list of new beauty products to buy! (I might just have to get the night serum too. 😉 )

So, who wants to try the mini facial?! Sarah Marie is giving away free mini facials to the first 3 people to fill out the consultation form. It’s easy and quick. You answer questions about your skin type and problem issues and R+F recommends a skin care regimen tailored for you! Go ahead and fill it out! What have you got to lose, except a few dead skin cells? Click on the link below.



Has anyone else used these products? Tell me what you thought!


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