Be Eco-chic!

On Thursday, May 9th, I teamed up with Molly Green boutique in Homewood and we did our first ever clothing swap! We had tons of clothes, a table full of jewelry, some bags, belts, and shoes. It was fun trying on “new to us” free items, mingling with friends and new acquaintances and enjoying the cocktail punch and sweet treats! Everyone went home with at least a few pieces and the rest was donated to The Lovelady Center. Giveaways included Hunter’s Dry Cleaner certificates for $25 each, Sweet Tee Designs headbands, Dr. Hauschka facial cleansing startup kits, and a hand-painted reusable canvas shopping tote, plus all regular priced Molly Green items were on sale for 25% off!  If you missed this first swap, there will be more to come! Check out pics from the event and this awesome guest blog by Molly Green owner, Brittany Hartwell on spring fashion and sustainability! Her boutique is all about conscientious fashion!


Springing into things.

Funny how fashion evolves, magically spring 2013 runways showcased cutout clothing with peekaboo sass. Majority of fashion lines inserted cutouts as a strong trend this season. It’s no mistake fashion houses create perfectly timed trends at the exact moment consumers are ready to buy them. Style is most often street driven. Thousands of bloggers, buyers, scouts, journalists and fashion forecasters decide what we are and are not ready for. Prescriptions written specifically for our geographical coordinates and socio-economic class. With bated breath they watch and record. Almost always participating and influencing moods and trend saturation. Especially in higher end lines where perceived value lies in the eye of the beholder. Observing the masses allows existing fashion power houses to control and manipulate markets. From board room to design table future trends are assigned with staggering accuracy. Forecasting firms remain the pulse of fashion’s beating heart. They organize chaos, relying on mere intuition gleaned from sidewalks in Milan, beaches in LA and football games at Oxford. Trends are generally begun by attractive members of sub groups. Entire High Schools easily become infected with style viruses. Planned evolution in global style creates demand and measured results. Thus our personal style is much less organic or original than previously perceived. Easily we become slave to spoon fed fashion.  Without regard to personal reflection. I find it a fantastic challenge to incorporate seasonal trends sustainably. Evaluated and approved; here are fashion’s sure choices for spring. Cutouts, as mentioned before are a super trend. Especially in southern city’s as it maintains an element of demure appeal. Denim remains unstoppable since digital printing has revolutionized washes and finishings. Printed denim and speciality treatments build even more momentum. Currently on order at Molly Green, M2F denim is, for one, made in the good ole U.S. of A. These jeans feature colorful finishes and prints. They perform as flawlessly with just enough stretch and a super soft hand. Form and function famously combined. Statement tees and bold bright prints will rule the streets this spring + summer. Bermuda shorts and summer blazers anything oversized anything will do. The perfect style to steal from your boyfriend, especially if the color looks better on you than him. Thrifting works for shorts and blazers, tees and dresses. Look for statement pieces in quality materials. Think bright and bold.  Organize a clothing swap with friends.  It’s a fun girls night and the cheapest way to update your closet. Some of my favorite wardrobe pieces came from my sisters closet!  After sourcing new-to-you goods it’s best to pay your seamstress a visit. Since lace, silk and beading are trending, invest in handcrafted textiles with luxurious elements. Also, a perfect opportunity to seek out local artisans with sophisticated designs. Think like Carrie Bradshaw and you’ll stay on course. Volume in pants and tops is a must, just not at the same time. These are a few of my favorite trends and predictably i’m ready for sunny weather to arrive. As spring deliveries roll into boutiques and department stores around you, allow yourself to decide a path and plan what direction your season will take. Notably, styles will change every season, keep in mind style is born on the street. Our fashion choices directly affect the larger perspective. Every style started somewhere, designed by someone who thought it would look cool or interesting. In the most literal way possible I encourage you to spring fashionably into the season!

Brittany Hartwell

aka the Molly Green Girl









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