Accentuate the Positives!

Has this warm weather crept up on you? Here in the South, it was cold one minute and hot the next. We barely got a spring! If you’re not quite ready for shorts and sleeveless shirts or just want to minimize some areas that are not your favorite, keep reading! The best way to sway attention away from the jiggly parts is to draw attention to your favorite features. Good fashion is as much about visual trickery as it is fit and flatter! Here are a few of my favorite trends that accentuate the positives!
Hi Low Skirts
These on-trend skirts are sexy and flattering! If you are anything like me, the back of the legs is the hardest part to tone up. Am I right, ladies?! So, this skirt is the perfect option. It shows off leg in the front and covers up a little more in the back with this asymmetrical hemline. These ladies all paired it with a sexy ankle strap heel. Perfect combo! (Click on the photos to link to their sites)
Show off the collar bone
Made wildly popular and sexy by Audrey Hepburn in her scoop neck dresses and tops. It is considered by many to be the most elegant feature of the chest on a woman. Generally, regardless of age or size, the collar bone is still visible. Want to make it pop visually? Put bronzer in the parts that sink in next to the bone and highlight the bone itself! Wear open, scoop, boatneck or strapless tops to show it off.
Arms are tricky, but don’t cut them off
Well, that sounds gross, but what I mean is if you struggle with thicker arms refrain from a regular short sleeve to hide them. Typical short sleeve shirts hit the upper arm at its thickest point, which draws attention to it and cuts it in half which is not flattering. The best way to make the upper arms look slimmer is either sleeveless (I know it’s counterintuitive) or a 2/3 to 3/4 sleeve. Going sleeveless and actually seeing the whole arm up to the shoulder with more skin exposed is visually elongating. If you’re not buying this, opt for a 2/3 or 3/4 sleeve. 2/3 falls right above the elbow and 3/4, of course, is right below the elbow making the arm look slimmer and longer.
Sexy Secretary
At least that’s what I think of for pencil skirts. Thanks to Mad Men for reminding us how sexy this simple skirt is! It doesn’t have to be skin tight to look good though. Actually, that can work against some body types. This knee length skirt hides the thighs, accentuates curvy hips and a booty, and shows off the calves. If you want to de-emphasize the hips, try straighter skirts instead of ones that nip in at the knee. If it’s high waisted, it will accentuate the smallest part of the waist too. If it has side panels, you’ll look even slimmer! Don’t forget the smoothing under garments.Win, win, win, win!  Play around with different lengths, either right above the knee or right below. This will depend on your height. There’s one for every body type, you just have to find your right style!
Work those heels!
 No offense to Dolly Parton, but forget the hair, I say “The higher the heels, the closer to God”! I think she’d approve though. At 67, she is still rockin’ some sexy heels!  I know some people have trouble wearing these and I don’t recommend them if you have knee or feet problems, but if you don’t then no excuses! The higher they are, the taller and thinner you look. They make your calf muscles look toned and sexy. The heel actually pushes you slightly forward which lifts your back side and makes you stand straighter! A few tips on purchasing. They make awesome inserts these days which make uncomfortable heels less painful. Someone else has done the research. You can check out that blog post here.A platform can make them a little more comfortable. Also, the quality goes up as the price goes up…typically. More expensive, quality made shoes, really do make a difference!  I’m not saying you need a pair of Manolos, but spending over $100, closer to $200 on a pair is often well worth it! Btw, a trend I’m loving right now is shorts with heels….chic and sexy! Check out these beauties that are perfect for summer!
How do you accentuate the positive? Tell us your best beauty and fashion tips!

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