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Birmingham Fashion Truck

Yep, it’s a thing! A boutique on wheels right here in Birmingham, AL! It’s cute and chic and outfitted so well on the inside that you forget you’re in a truck. This has been trending for years in other cities, like L.A., NYC and San Diego to name a few. Owner Evie Woods pops up all over Birmingham with her latest trends. Sometimes she is at events and festivals and sometimes she’s at shopping centers and other great locales. She also does private parties, so contact her for more info on that. I was recently at a house party. Take a look at my unique, fun shopping experience! She gets new merchandise every week, so “Like” on Facebook to be the first to see where she is and snag her latest styles!


Me and Owner Evie Woods


Katie Whalen, my blog bestie Heather Brown (from SavingMoneyLivingLife) and her sis Holly Mackey who was hosting the party.





My cute finds…I’m a sucker for elephants! Roll Tide!



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